Speaking in prose isn’t necessarily bad or good.

The act of speaking in images joined with the musicality

of words speaking out, no, screaming out, for a crowded

page to make room for scribbled word to sound

and sing out its resonance.

Yet be particular about the choice of image:

See what isn’t there, proclaim a new perspective, be a wizard.

No hearts, no eyes, only ribs.

Structure: the line break, don’t dare to distract the eye

too risky but you take risks.

It’s basically chemistry, a science, yet it’s “starry starry night.”

To define would be working backwards

ruining the point of the art.

The spoken word…


GPS – More Than Just An Electronic Map

GPS – what used to be an office for students to come and work through their changing major and minor problems have now evolved into an all-encompassing community-building program.

“We really want to focus on the acronym, GPS. It’s a tool, it helps you with direction and with finding resources,” said David Sneed, Education Director, Growth and Purpose for Students.

Growth & Purpose for Students, GPS, is here for Belmont students as a guide for the duration of their college experience.

“Our goal is to help students graduate during the same timeframe and we have great success in making kids successful,” said Sneed.

The GPS program has transformed and grown immensely. GPS has three main goals. To help with direction and Navigation, helping identify academic majors and minors, and finding the best way to complete a degree. Identify Resources, by helping you find the best opportunities that are at your disposal. Recalculating – helps students through academic probation and providing tutoring.

GPS is partnered with Two Oaks and Thrailkill Hall. What does it mean to be a GPS hall? The RA’s of the dorms go through training with GPS on how to be an RA for sophomores. It is more of an intentional relationship with the specific halls. For example, this year GPS donated $1,000 to residential halls to allow them to make a difference. It gives the students a chance to come together and think about how to use the money to donate to a cause, i.e, human trafficking, homelessness, etc.

While GPS still focuses on sophomores it is open to all students.

GPS is more than just helping students academically. They delve deeper into helping students get through what they call the “sermon.” Which is to help answer life’s big questions and hearing the calling you have.

“What is so great about you [students] is what you do once you’re out of here [Belmont University] and we want to make sure you go down the most efficient and effective path,” said Sneed.

The GPS office location is on the second floor of the library and they have a smaller office in Wright/Maddox hall.

GPS is a neutral place and is not loyal to any department, so come talk to them about any issue concerning academics or career paths. GPS will help you find a path and refine that path with you are at Belmont. GPS wants the students to get the most out of your college experience.

July 14

It all began for Mr. Wallace Jr. when he found that note with the imperfect, slightly slanted, script taped on the fridge.

My son, Junior, there are leftovers in the fridge.

Feeling the smooth cylindrical item in his pocket brought a smile to his face; it will be a surprise. Surely Mr. Wallace, his father, would come back soon, it’s his birthday after all. Then maybe, just maybe, Junior would work up the courage to show his love for Mr. Wallace. Junior has an assortment of telescopes, plated in all different metals, which were long forgotten and stored away like an implicit memory. They were for Mr. Wallace. The stash has been growing for four years now. Ever since Junior reached the age of 12 he has been buying gifts for Mr. Wallace. Now at the respectable age of 16, he sits on the grungy living room couch, the out dated floral pattern providing a comfort with the battered gold telescope lying next to his leg, waiting, listening for the front door to open and greet its guest. As he sits he tries to convince himself this time is different, this time he will be able to see the appreciation on Mr. Wallace’s face as he receives the telescope he so selectively picked out. He digs into his pocket and pulls out the crumpled yellow piece of paper to remind him of his courage, of his purpose. The piece of paper gets closer and closer to disintegrating into dust each time its reopened to be read one last time. Right when Junior reads the last word he hears the front door welcoming a guest. He looks up with a half smile not quite reaching his bright eyes only to see the welcoming eyes of his mother, Mrs. Wallace, balancing bags of groceries while closing the door. She always makes their “family” potpie on this day in an attempt to cheer up her Junior.

“Sorry I am late. I got held up at work but I will get right to cookin’,” excused Mrs. Wallace.

“It’s his birthday mom,” said Junior as got up from the couch and carefully put the note back in his pocket.

“I know honey, I know…”

A Tomorrow

There is supposed to be a tomorrow

just like there is always a yesterday.


Simplicity scares the crows

the supposedly guilty ones.

The terrors of the crop,

hence the purpose of scarecrows.

Where are they now?

That’s what I want to know.


Knowing the ground

will rush up with jealousy



Floating leaves, sound rocks, whistling trees,

boastful dandelions: airborne seeds acting as the element of air,

sentimental grass: embracing all beings without judgment,

all taking root to the core,

will perpetrate the corrupt.




Staring out the window,


But everything is invisible.


The invisibility cloaks the world,

as a paintbrush does the canvas,

revealing the hidden treasures of color –

of being.


I May Be Biased Because I Was High – Thank God For Drizzlecorn

Pungent smoke filled my head

with lies.


Google search:

the black and white popped popcorn;

dark chocolate, white chocolate,

we didn’t want you to choose

so we chose for you.


There was only half a bag left,

leaving my stomach unsatisfied.

The craving eating at acidic lining

Send reminders to your brain.


Although, it was a great coping mechanism

because this candied delicacy kept his secret

of death.






It has been awhile…

I realize it has been a month since I have posted anything…

Since when did something as simple as writing become so arduous. Life really does seem to get in the way. I have never taken recognition to the measly task of life. But man is it a full time job. I have realized it takes the focus off of the things you really enjoy doing. But why do we let that happen. Why do we let something so natural, life, get in the way. When life should be the main focus of our daily happenings. Life gets in the way. Why is is that we let work define our life when really we define the things we enjoy the most being overshadowed by life. Life and enjoyment should be one of the same. And never opposing the other. Society has defined work as the means to sustain life, which in this day and age makes sense to the majority of people. It makes sense to me, but that doesn’t mean I want it to be that way. We live to work or work to live. One or the other.

Life should encapsulate our entire being and never be seen as this obsolete thing that gets in the way. It should never get in the way because life should be the enjoyable part of living. 

Life should encapsulate our entire being.

I wonder…

I finished my last of work. I am finally done dealing with entitled customers. I no longer have to repeat the same questions over and over again.

-Hey, how are you?
-Would you like to sample some frozen yogurt flavors?
-Do you need a receipt with that?

And I no longer have to answer the same questions over and over again.

-Are there any Red Dye #whatever it is called in the yogurt? Is there artificial flavoring? Is there Probiotics? etc. etc. Just so you know I am not an expert on frozen yogurt I just WORK here.

It’s kind of a bittersweet ending, as much as I hated working at this frozen yogurt shop, I really enjoyed the support I got from some of my customers. Their support regained some of my hope for humanity as a whole. Maybe we aren’t so entitled as we appear. We just have this hard surface, this shell, that we portray to the world in an act of desperate protection. That’s what’s wrong with society, it always feels so desperate. So, cut throat. We learn to compete with our fellow man instead of working together to better each other.

Anyways, I wonder if this was worth it. Worth the minimum wage salary and grueling long shifts. Yes, I got a decent earnings, but I had to work my tail off for it. For this minimum wage junk. Why did I do it? Was it worth it? I had no summer, all I did was work in misery with sparks of joy from the customers who actually cared about who
I was.

Decision still pending.